Size: 24,709,000 sq km
No. of countries: 23
Population: 579,024,000

  • North America has five time zones and is the only continent with every type of climate
  • North America was named after the explorer Americo Vespucci and is also known as the “New World”
  • Of the seven continents of the world, North America’s population density at 22.9 per square kilometre is the highest
  • The largest fresh water lake in the world — Lake Superior – is located in this continent
  • The world’s third longest river – the Mississippi (3778 km) – is located in North America
  • When compared with the other continents, North America has the highest average per-person income
  • The average food intake of individuals is the highest on this continent
  • The world’s largest economy, the USA, is a part of North America
  • The world’s largest producer of maize, what and soyabean is North America
  • The world’s largest sugar exporter among the seven continents – Cuba – also called the ‘sugar bowl of the world’ is located in North America
  • The world’s smallest owl – the Elf – is found on this continent
  • The moose and the elk, found in North America, are the first and second tallest animals on the continent
  • The other major animals of North America are –brown bears, hummingbirds, bald eagles, brown bears, bullfrogs