Size: 17,840,000 sq km
No. of countries: 12
Population: 422,535,000

  • The world’s largest river as per water volume and the second longest (6440 km) — the Amazon — is in South America
  • This continent houses the world’s highest waterfalls — the Angel Falls
  • The world’s largest snake and the second longest — the green anaconda — also resides in South America
  • The highest volcanoes of the world — Mt. Cotopaxi and Mt. Chimborazo — are found on this continent
  • Brazil, the country which is the largest coffee producer in the world, is in South America
  • The major languages spoken on this continent are Portuguese and Spanish
  • The largest salt lake in the world — Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni salt flats) — is in South America
  • The world’s highest lake (3800 m) and South America’s largest is Lake Titicaca
  • Aftethe r Himalayas, the Andes form the second highest mountain range in the world. These young-fold mountains are located in South America. Mt. Aconcagua (7,021 m) is the highest peak in the Andes.