Tourist Places in Paarl

This article lists the best places and attractions in Paarl that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Make sure to stop by these 7 places to visit in Paarl:

1. The Butterfly World

The Butterfly World is one of the best tourist attractions in the Western Cape. It is situated in Klapmuts and came into existence in the year 1996. The Butterfly World is easily reachable because of its prime location. Additionally, it is the biggest free flying park for butterflies. It consists of a ravishing tropical garden that provides shelter to a large variety of native butterflies. The Butterfly World imports around five hundred to three hundred butterflies on a weekly basis. It also offers an exhibition of marmoset monkeys, iguanas, guinea pigs, blue duikers, meerkat enclosure, indigenous spiders, scorpions, and a reptile bay beside stunning and beautiful butterflies. The various tropical plants and dribbling water features enhance the admirable setting of The Butterfly World. The Butterfly World has a gift shop, and the Jungle Leaf Care offers eatable items to the visitors. Besides, the garden is nothing less than a tropical wonderland.

2. Afrikaanse Taal Monument

Afrikaanse Taal Monument or Afrikaans Language Monument was erected in the year 1975 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Afrikaans as an official language. The monument was designed by the popular architect Jan Van Wijk, and it is located on the Paarl Mountain. It comprises three obelisk-shaped pillars and three domes which give it an aesthetic appeal. Afrikaans is one of the earliest languages in the world whose roots are spread across Europe, Africa, and Asia. The origin of this language is Dutch. Afrikaans was recognized as a definite language in the year 1925. The monument is dedicated to the language. The Stellenbosch Mountains and the Table Mountains can be clearly viewed from the Paarl Rock. The monument has a conference center and exhibition area for visitors. Furthermore, a wide range of souvenirs is available at the Curio Shop.

3. Drakenstein Lion Park

Drakenstein Lion Park was built and established in the year 1998 for providing a natural environment to distressed and wounded lions. In fact, it is Western Cape’s only unaffected and genuine lion sanctuary. The reserve is based on a fifty-acre territory and is even home to a large population of lions including white tigers and lions, which are getting extinct day by day. The animals in this sanctuary cannot be set free in the wild because they have been raised in captivity. Tourists can watch how the lions are fed and watch them from a close distance. Furthermore, Drakenstein Lion Park has come up with a facility called Chimp Haven for providing shelter to the lions of Tygerberg Zoo. The food items and beverages can be purchased from the delicatessen. Drakenstein Lion Park also consists of farm animals, picnic areas et cetera. Moreover, feeding takes place on select days.

4. Paarl Vintners

Paarl is renowned for the wide variety of premium and exotic wines that it offers. Paarl Vintners is renowned as the globe’s first red route because of its exquisite and rich wines such as Shiraz, Port, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Roodeberg. Wards such as Franschhoek and Wellington, Simonsberg-Paarl and Voor-Paardeberg come under the district of Paarl. Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and several other varieties of grapes are grown in these districts. For cultivation purposes, irrigation is not necessary because the summers are long and the area witnesses plenty of rainfall on a regular basis. Cellular tours and wine tasting is offered by most of the estates, which have some outstanding eateries as well.

5. Paarl Golf Club

Paarl Golf Club is situated in Boschenmeer Golf Estate in Western Cape. It is a twenty-seven hole golf course, and some of the holes are scattered along the Berg River for making it challenging for players of all levels. The beauty of the course is unparalleled because of the natural vegetation, mountain backdrops, water features, and perils. The club has hosted some of the major tour events of South Africa along with national, regional, and local events. Club facilities consist of a swimming pool, golf academy, state of the art clubhouse, playroom for children and so on. Furthermore, the golf course has been designed by David Frost.

6. Limietberg Nature Reserve

Limietberg is a beautiful and ravishing nature reserve situated in the Du Toitskloof Mountains in South Africa. It has a total of nine hiking trails. The reserve is perfect for a casual outing since it is characterized by spectacular views, serene walks, tranquil moments, and rock pools for the convenience of tired walkers. Cape sugarbird, Protea Canary, the black eagle can be spotted in reserve along with baboon, leopard, and klipspringer. Nonetheless, only a hundred and twenty people are allowed in a day into the Tweede Tol Picnic, which is meant for leisure purposes. Tweede Tol Picnic has a jungle gym to keep the children captivated so that the parents can run necessary errands. There are several beautiful and shady spots in the encampment in Bainskloof Pass. It is best to visit the Limietberg Nature Reserve during daylight hours for a remarkable and amazing experience. However, the weather is quite inconstant, and tourists are advised to come well prepared since last-minute rescue operations would not be feasible. Additionally, Limietberg Nature Reserve is extremely beautiful and is highly regarded by experienced hikers.

7. Frater Square

The building came into existence in the year 1985. At first, it was used for a variety of purposes like storing farm implements, but after years of extensive planning, it was transformed into a lifestyle mall by Gerard and Yvette Frater. The shopping center is easily reachable since it is located on the main road of Paarl. Frater Square provides an amazing and remarkable shopping experience that one cannot find anywhere else in Paarl. It changes conventional prospects of lifestyle and shopping with its outdoor concept and remarkable ambiance. Frater Square has a classic village setting and emanates a placid style. The center has a large number of fine restaurants along with decor boutiques, premium wine shops, hair and beauty salons, clothing boutiques for people of all age groups and a lot more. The eateries consist of Bread and Butter, Melissa’s Frater Square and so on. The Frater Square shopping center offers plenty of parking space and twenty-four-hour security. It even has wheelchair access for the convenience of disabled people. The center also offers a free WiFi facility for unending connectivity. Frater Square has a Kids Zone for occupied parents who want to keep their children in a safe and fun environment.

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