Tourist Places in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch offers unlimited activities for nature lovers, foodies, and art and culture aficionados. We’ve shortlisted 15 things to do in Stellenbosch that people across all ages will enjoy:

1. Stellenbosch: Visit a food market

Go to Root 44, a historic market that sells savory food, ranging from sushi to boeries and fresh flowers too. On Saturday, you can opt to go to the Stellenbosch Slowmarket to gaze at the bustling market scene and to buy everything from free-range chicken to stroopwafels. Part of the worldwide Slow Food movement, the makers are committed to seasonal, organic, and ethical production. On Sundays, the Blaauklippen Family Market sells a wide collection of world cuisines, ranging from Lebanese, Greek, Indian, and Mexican.

2. Stellenbosch: Pick your own berries

Polkadraai Strawberry Farm is a farm loved by one and all. The homestead consists of huge strawberry fields. You can invest an entire day in the field filling your bucket with juicy strawberries, which you can eat later. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Stellenbosch and we highly recommend it. Remember that picking season is from September to January only. In any case, there are a lot of reasons to head to the homestead in the offseason because it provides many other activities too, like mini-golf and tractor rides.

3. Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens: Wander

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens is walking distance away from the center of the town. This botanical garden is the oldest university garden in South Africa and houses a wide range of exotic and indigenous plants. Wander in shaded trails and cross small streams and ponds. The gardens also include an exceptional bonsai nursery, koi ponds, and glasshouses. An on-location restaurant is also available. It provides teas, breakfast, and lunch.

4. Stellenbosch: Take an art tour

his tour has recently emerged to provide art lovers an opportunity to investigate the town in all its beauty and splendor. Highlighting 11 significant points, people can take delight in the D-Street Gallery, SMAC Art Gallery, US Art Gallery, and the Rupert Museum. What’s one of a kind about this tour is that since it’s a self-guided tour, the explorers can take as much time required to see and value the various aesthetic portions that the city brags of.

5. Stellenbosch: Head to the Rasta House

This wooden five-story rasta house is a treat for the eyes. The proprietor has been working for more than twenty years on this architectural marvel. He plans to include another two stories to this unique structure. For a tour to Mbekweni with a learned neighborhood guide, include a visit to the Rasta House in your itinerary. Make sure to stop by.

6. Butterfly World: Explore

Butterfly World is a one of a kind park situated outside of Stellenbosch. It is a tropical garden enclosed in a 1000 m sq nursery. With intriguing butterflies, huge iguanas and pythons on show, this place is a must-visit. The Butterfly World runs various informative presentations as well. It also has a large garden for the children to play in, and an eatery where the entire family can enjoy the meal together.

7. Renowned Rupert Museum: Visit

This contemporary art center houses some of South Africa’s as well the world’s finest art, including a permanent Pierneef display. It is among the most remarkable tourist attractions. Despite the fact that you are in the presence of amazing show-stopper art, the setting isn’t at all vainglorious. It is a private display with a simple vibe. We appeal to everybody to come here and appreciate the art.

8. Stellenbosch: Have a picnic

In case you’re searching for a relaxing outdoor activity with your family and little kids, picnicking at Stellenbosch is an incredible choice. What is incredible is that a large number of farms here offer pre-packed picnic baskets. Boschendal is one of Stellenbosch’s most famous outing choices. It provides curated picnics which should be pre-requested.

9. Stellenbosch: Watch the Duck March

The stunning Vergenoegd is home to the well-known duck march. Make sure to reach early to watch a huge number of ducks advance out of the door and simultaneously, march through the estate and past enchanted visitors. Your children will either begin pursuing them or gaze in total wonder at the 50 or more ducks swaying past them. You’ll need to see it to believe it! The event is from 9:30 am and 3:30 pm daily.

10. Stellenbosch: Encounter a hawk

On the Spier property, you can have a close encounter with a hawk or an eagle. The primary aim of the Spier property is the rehabilitation of the birds of prey while teaching both children and grown-ups about wildlife preservation. In addition, children can come across chickens, tortoises, piglets. It is a unique endeavor and we strongly recommend you to participate in it.

11. Stellenbosch: Enjoy the nightlife

Friday and Saturday nights at Stellenbosch is the time when nightclubs host amazing local talent, such as Shortstraw, Al Bairre, Fokofpolisiekar, and aKing, to name a few. If you like to groove and love music, you must visit Bohemia, Aandklas, and Die Mystic Boer. Die Mystic Boer and Bohemia are situated on Victoria Street, at a walking distance from campus, and Aandklas is found on Bird Street.

12. Jonkershoek Nature Reserve: Take a stroll

This wonderful 9800-hectare nature reserve in southern Africa. boasts of lofty mountains and rich fynbos. It is an extraordinary place to fulfill one’s thirst for adrenaline. Vanquish any of the mountain biking routes and hiking trails or savor the fantastic view and cascades, the choices are endless. There are likewise some stunning spots here that are ideal for a casual family picnic or a romantic moment.

13. Stellenbosch: Sip the best espresso

The new hotspot in the local area- Blue Crane Coffee Company recently won the award for the ‘Best coffee in Stellenbosch.’ Ever since then, the Blue Crane Coffee Company has expanded. It has opened another outlet called the ‘Lab’, where you can taste their most recent recipes and view some neighborhood art while sipping your coffee.

14. Stellenbosch: Devour chocolates

Le Chocolatier is a chocoholic’s heaven. Situated on Church Street in Stellenbosch, you will have the chance to taste a plethora of new flavors in little chocolate pockets here. The proprietors of Le Chocolatier do not add any additives to their chocolates. The interesting bistro on the side is a fantastic spot to sip on coffee while you hog on chocolates.

15. Stellenbosch: Step into Oom Samie Se Winkel

As you enter, the smell of dried fish, tobacco, spices, and leather fills your nose. Search through the racks here to discover antiquated boiled desserts, sticky toffees, vintage attire, collectible books, and bona fide old butter churns. You may even exit an antique shop with your shopping bags full of vegetables, fruits, and biltong. Additionally, you can purchase an exceptional gift for your loved ones from here.

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