Size: 8,525,989 sq km
No. of countries: 3
Population: 39,901,000

  • Australia is the world’s smallest continent and is also known as an ‘island continent’ as it is surrounded by water on all sides
  • The official name of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia
  • The continent of Australia is often called Sahul, Australinea or Meganesia to differentiate it from the country of Australia
  • Australia lies entirely on the south of the equator and if often called the country “down under”
  • The name Australia comes from the Latin word ‘australis’ meaning ‘southern’
  • Of all the continents in the world, Australia stands at the top of wool production and import. This is because the sheep population in the world’s smallest continent is 14 times that of its human population
  • Austria is home to over 500 varieties of eucalyptus trees
  • Two-thirds of Australia is desert land
  • The world’s largest coral reef — the Great Barrier Reef — is around 2000 kilometers long
  • The unique animals of Australia are — kangaroo, emu, platypus