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Bisbee may be a small city of 5,000 people, located within the Cochise County of the state of Arizona. It’s also the county courthouse.

It is located about 90 miles from Tucson and it had been founded in 1880 as a mining town for gold, silver, and copper.

While initially, it’s going to seem that there’s not much to try to do around here, we’ll now present you the simplest things to try to do in Bisbee, Arizona:

1. See the Copper Queen Mine

Copper Queen Mine Bisbee

Copper Queen Mine Bisbee
Because this city is concentrated on mining, it’s to be expected that the most attraction is said thereto.

The Copper Queen Mine was actually the foremost productive mine within the county for several years. It brought many miners here and lots of of them eventually settled in Bisbee.

Even though it’s been closed for quite 30 years now, it’s a well-liked attraction for tourists who can go far inside the mountain and see what it had been like for the miners working there.

To have the complete experience, you’ll get a helmet and headlight and take a little train deep into the mine. The guide worked within the mine for nearly 20 years, so he’s very knowledgeable.

2. Visit the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum

Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum

Bisbee Mining And Historical Museum
After seeing the particular mine and witnessing how everything happened within the past, now it’s time to go to the museum and luxuriate in many tools and objects utilized at that point.

You can also see many interesting photos of the mine and therefore the people that worked there, which can assist you to travel back in time and learn everything about the history of this mining town.

You will find the museum in downtown Bisbee. The volunteer guides are friendly and knowledgeable and therefore the visitors were very happy with this museum.

3. Take the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour (if you dare)

Bisbee At Night

Bisbee in the dark
Besides mining, Bisbee is additionally famous for being haunted. Get a glance at the spookier side of Bisbee on this tour.

The host will take you to the streets, dark alleys, and places where ghosts are seen and can tell you everything about the spooky apparitions.

To make things even more interesting and scary, the tour takes place in the dark. But don’t worry; it’s not that scary, so it’s appropriate for teenagers also.

See Bisbee in an unconventional way with this ghost tour.

4. Have a Beer at the Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Old Bisbee Brewing Company
After an extended day within the mine, the workers needed to relax and have an honest beer, so Bisbee has many bars and breweries.

One of them is that the Old Bisbee Brewing Company, a little yet fancy place with some amazing beer.

It offers a good sort of drinks made within the brewery, plus various sorts of foods to enjoy. Have a seat, enjoy the view and check out as many sorts of beer as you would like.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and there’s even free popcorn.

5. Be Amazed by the Lavender Pit

Bisbee Lavender Pit

Bisbee Lavender Pit
Yet another attraction associated with mining, the Lavender Pit is often an astonishing view for those that haven’t seen such a sight.

This way you’ll also study the damage that mining does to a mountain.

Every day there was a blast that disrupted 75,000 plenty of rock, until 1975 when the mine closed. Now there’s an enormous pit, with platforms from where visitors can view it.

There is also a commemorative plaque.

6. Take a Golf Cart Tour of the town

The Bisbee Tour Company

The Bisbee Tour Company
If the ghost tour in the dark doesn’t really suit you, then take a classic tour during the day. or maybe better, take them both.

The Bisbee Tour Company offers guided tours across the town in cute golf carts or electric bikes. The carts are legal to drive on the streets and also are easy to access and insured.

Why is it better to require such a golf cart tour rather than walking? Well, it’s easier and more convenient, plus you’ll cover an extended distance and see more of the town during a shorter period of your time. The tour guides are locals and that they know all there’s to understand about Bisbee.

7. Watch Birds at the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory
First of all, let’s mention that the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) doesn’t ask one place but to multiple areas nearby Bisbee from where you’ll watch a good sort of birds in their natural habitat.

SABO may be a nonprofit organization that gives guided bird walks, tours and trips, hummingbird banding sessions, and other activities for those that love nature.

So whether you’re hooked on birds or not, this might make a pleasant relaxing afternoon activity for the whole family.

8. Visit the Belleza art Gallery

Belleza Fine Art Gallery

Belleza art Gallery
This beautiful gallery exhibits the work of 26 amazing artists from everywhere on the planet. There are multiple sorts of art, including paintings and pastels, multidimensional artworks, and even some pieces made in copper.

But that’s not all. The gallery also sells handmade pieces of furniture that are made by a nonprofit center for homeless women and their children.

If you purchase one among these things, not only you’ll have a singular piece of furniture reception, but you’ll also help those in need.

The Belleza art Gallery also features a computer lab where kids can learn computer skills, and that they offer fresh chocolate chip cookies a day.

9. Buy a cool gift

Bisbee Olive Oil

Bisbee vegetable oil
Whether you would like to urge an item for yourself to remind you of the time you visited Bisbee or a pleasant gift for somebody’s reception, the town has multiple gift shops that you simply can visit.

Among them, you’ll find the PanTerra Gallery (fashion items and photography), Bisbee vegetable oil (a big choice of olive oils and more), Bisbee Hot and Spicy (hot sauces), RedBone Bisbee Vintage (clothes, boots and jewelry), Bisbee Soap & Sundry (soaps and bath products) plus many others.

10. Send a Postcard at the Copper post Office

Copper Queen Post Office

Copper post Office Bisbee
Whether you would like to send a postcard to someone special or simply admire the historical building, you’ll stop by the Copper post Office.

While not operating at full capacity because it wont to back within the days, the post office remains functional.

It has quite 2000 post boxes, a reminder of the great ol’ days when the mines were operational and thousands of workers were sending and receiving letters.

11. See the town on Erie Street

Erie Street Lowell

Erie Street Lowell
And we’re not talking about an equivalent sort of ghosts as within the ghost tour. Lowell was a little mining city that was incorporated into Bisbee.

But as time glided by, the buildings were destroyed to form space for the open pit of the mine, and residents moved away.

The city slowly disappeared, leaving only Erie Street. Locals have now preserved this street so as to point out to visitors exactly how everything checked out that point.

You will find some amazing vintage cars (some in fine condition, while others are rusty), old ads and billboard signs, a gasoline pump, a Greyhound bus, and lots of other interesting things.

12. Visit or rent the Muheim Heritage House Museum

Muheim Heritage House Museum

Muheim Heritage House Museum
This is a gorgeous home from 1915 that was well preserved.

Now it not only offers an excellent view of the town and therefore the surrounding area, but it also features a lovely interior with original furniture from that period.

You can take a tour of the house and determine more about its past, but you’ll also rent it for a special event or celebration. So if you pass nearby, confirm to prevent certain a visit.

13. Make contact with spirits at the Bisbee Séance Room

The Bisbee Séance Room

The Bisbee Séance Room
Here’s another interesting activity for those hooked on ghosts and paranormal activities. Join the host Kenny Steward, aka Magic Kenny Bang Bang, for a one-hour theatrical séance.

This event combines history, magic, and entertainment and presents various ghost stories that happened in Bisbee.

It’s a fun and weird thing to try to and it’s not that scary either, therefore the kids can join also.

14. See the Bisbee Restoration Museum

Bisbee Restoration Museum

Bisbee Restoration Museum
As you’ll tell, the locals of Bisbee are very pleased with their history and that they want the entire world to understand it.

Located on the most Street of the town, this museum has 3 stories crammed with various objects, clothes, toys, pieces of furniture than on.

All of the things were donated by locals, and it’s an excellent thanks to discovering how people wont to live here a few years ago.

It is liberal to visit, but donations are welcomed since this is often how they keep the museum alive.

15. Stop by the Bisbee Visitor Center

Bisbee Visitor Center

Bisbee Visitor Center
For more information about more beautiful places to go to also as maps, brochures and useful tips, confirm to prevent by the Bisbee Visitor Center.

A friendly person will tell you everything there’s to understand and can gladly answer all of your questions.

Plus, you’ll also get some cool souvenirs from their nice novelty shop 

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